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I enjoy working with actors, dancers and musicians to create quality headshots that help advance their careers.
I provide a kind, caring and supportive environment for your headshot session.  Your success is my goal!

Call or Email me (Paul Newland) to discuss your particular headshot needs.  732-309-7807  or

My Standard Headshot Package Includes...

-  75 Minute Session
-  Up to 4 Clothing Looks
-  Medium Size Camera Photos Available for Internet Download Within 36 Hours of Your Shoot 
-  Two Fully Retouched "Ready-to-Print" 8x10 (or 9x12) Digital Files, Images Of Your Choice Available To You Within Three Days*

Standard Package Pricing:  Studio setting: $329**.  Environmental setting: $279**.  Visa and MasterCard Accepted!

Should you include makeup with your headshot plans?  Women, Yes, Absolutely,  Must.  Men, not so much.  The question is
  how to obtain the makeup look you need for headshots.  If you are good at makeup you might be able to do your own or have
  a friend help you.  Otherwise, we should obtain the services of a makeup artist to work with us on your headshot shoot.

Discounts!  Yes, Discounts!
-  Book with a friend for two back-to-back sessions, take 20% off each session fee!***
-  Skip the Retouched "Ready-to-Print" digital files, take 10% off your session fee!***

Need More Than The Standard Package? Here are some additional things that can be provided:

- Longer Session Time
- Full Length & 3/4 Body Shots
- Additional Retouched "Ready-to-Print" Digital Files
- Makeup Artist
- Hairdresser
- Wardrobe Stylist
- Make Prints Of Your Headshot Files For You
- Compcard Layouts
- Print Compcards For You
- Billboard Website
... and much more!

*     I strive to provide quick turnaround of your retouched, ready-to-print, digital file.
       In order for me to meet my goal of sending you your ready-to-print file within
       three days of your selections, I ask that you make your selections no later
       than 48 hours following your headshot session.

**   All prices are subject to sales tax.

*** Discounts may be combined, pick best what's best for you!